(scoopaa) Societe Cooperative Agricole Abayekou
Contact Person Oulai Carl Michael
Address BP 300, 225 DIVO,
Country Ivory Coast
Crop Cocoa
status certified
Year 2016
Certification Type Group
Audit Cycle Certification
Audit Date 16th-19th March 2016
Audit Team MAO JOSETTE, Adou Hilarion
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Summary Of SAN Standard Overall Results
  Number of nonconformities  
Principle Minor Major Critical criteria Compliance
1. Social and environmental management system 1 3 0 68.20%
2. Ecosystem conservation 0 2 0 77.80%
3. Wildlife protection 0 0 0 100.00%
4. Water conservation 1 0 0 92.90%
5. Fair treatment and good working conditions for workers 2 0 0 95.00%
6. Occupational health and safety 3 0 0 92.50%
7. Community relations 0 2 0 66.70%
8. Integrated crop management 1 0 0 92.90%
9. Soil management and conservation 0 1 0 80.00%
10.Integrated waste management 0 0 0 80.00%
Total 0 0 0  
Overall compliance percentage 86.00%

Summary Of San/group Standard Overall Results
  Number of nonconformities  
Principle Minor Major Compliance
1. Training 2 0 75.00%
2. Risk assessment 0 1 66.70%
3. Internal management system 0 0 100.00%
Total 0 0  
Overall compliance percentage     87.50%

Chain Of Custody Summary
  Number of nonconformities  
Principle Minor Major Observations
1. Chain of Custody Management System 0 0 0
2. Training 0 0 0
3. Traceability 0 0 0
4. Use of the Rainforest Alliance Certified Seal 0 0 0
5. Management System for Multi-site Operators 0 0 0

4 Description of non-conformities

4.1 Group administrator

Criterion Number and type Category Previous Auditt Description of finding during current audit /objective evidence Category Current Audit
1.2 New Lead farmers/internal inspectors have not received sufficient training to enable them to fulfill their tasks. It was evidenced through interviews that internal inspection, sanctions and appeal procedures are not well known. In addition, internal inspection forms are not adequately filled in as no observations and comments are indicated for applicable criteria Minor
1.3 New Actual training dates have not been captured on the training records. Documents showed during the audit were dated January 2015 while training sessions were actually conducted in August 2015. Minor
2.2 New Mitigation measures identified in the risk assessment have not been implemented by the group to reduce or eliminate the related risks. Major

4.2 Non-conformities in the group administrator’s facilities

Criterion Number and type Category Previous Auditt Description of finding during current audit /objective evidence Category Current Audit
1.4 New The objectives and sumary of the social and environmental management system have not been disclosed to group workers Minor
1.7 New The group does not have mechanisms to follow up on the implementation of corrective actions to rectify non-conformities identified during internal inspections. Major
1.8 New The group does not have mechanisms to evaluate its service providers and ensure that they comply with applicable standard requirements.. Major
1.11 New The group has not described and quantified the types of ernergy used in its daily operations. In addition, there is no energy efficiency plan to reduce its dependency on non-renewable energy and improve the use of renewable energy. Major
5.1 New No social policy has been documented by the group. Minor
5.7 New The group watchman works more than 56 hours per week and no payment is made for overtime accrued. Minor
6.9 New The central agrochemical store does not have signs legible at a distance of 20 meters to indicate the types of substances stored, the dangers they present and precautionary measures to be taken. Minor
6.18 New No emergency response plan has been developed by the group for responding to all identified emergencies. Minor
7.4 New The group does not collaborate with the development of local economy. There are no activities carried out by the group in order to contribute towards the costs of the community infrastructures or shared resources. Major
7.5 New The group does not support and collaborate with local environmental education efforts and local research in areas related to the sustainable agriculture standard. Major

4.3 Recurring non-conformities in audited sample of member farms

Criterion Number and type Category Previous Auditt Description of finding during current audit /objective evidence Category Current Audit
2.7 New Sampled farmers have not maintained natural vegetation barriers between the production areas and temporary shelters or frequently travelled roads passing through or around the farms in order to reduce the drift of agrochemicals. Major
2.8 New All sampled farms have not maintained the minimum of 12 shade trees per hectare (4 to 5 shade trees per hectare). In addition, the existing shade trees are not distributed homogeneously on the farms. Major
4.8 New Domestic waste waters are openly released into the environment. No system is in place for safe treatment of wastewater generated within group members’ homes. Minor
6.10 New Empty agrochemical containers were found littering in some farms in Guiléhiri, Centre Ville and Dioligbi communities Minor
8.1 New 80 percent of sampled producers have not implemneted good agricultural practices documented in the integrated crop management program in their cocoa farms such as sanitary harvest, regular pruning and manual weeding Minor
10.2 New The use of open waste dumps is commonly practiced by sampled farmers in all the communities. Major

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