Name of operator Address Group members Certificate number Product category Product Names Certification status Expiry
Guangua Honey Production, Processing, and Marketing Share Company Chagni, Awi zone, Amhara Region Ethiopia 662 AC-EAOPS-22-001 Organic Honey,Organic bee wax Granted/maintained 05-May-2023
Acheyeta Honey Production, Processing, and Marketing Cooperative. Sekela, West Gojjam zone, Amhara Region. Ethiopia. 372 AC-EAOPS-22-002 Organic Honey, Organic bee wax Granted/maintained 05-May-2023
Pemba Beekeepers Association (PEBA) Chake Chake, Pemba Zanzibar 85 AC-EAOPS-22-004 Organic Honey Granted/maintained 09-Jul-2023
Zanzibar Beekeepers Association-ZABA Ungunja Zanzibar 82 AC-EAOPS-22-003 Organic Honey Granted/maintained 09-Jul-2023