INVITATION FOR BIDS – Customer Satisfaction Survey 2021

AfriCert is a Certification company headquartered in Nairobi that provides certification and verification services to Agricultural (crops) producers across 20 countries in Africa. Our Certification work in on a range of Sustainability and food safety standards such as GLOBAL.G.A.P. UTZ, Rainforest Alliance as well as verifications on Starbuck’s CAFÉ Practice program and cotton made in Africa (CmiA)

AfriCert intends to engage a qualified Service provider to conducts a Customer Satisfaction Survey among its clients and other related correspondents. This is as part of gathering annual feedback from the direct consumers of our services through a confidential and impartial feedback mechanism. The process is meant identify strengths and weaknesses in AfriCert’s scope of operations and eventually work on these findings to maintain and improve on the quality and efficiency of service delivery.

The Service provider is expected to:

  • Develop a data collection and analysis program that is easy to understand and present the responses and their implied status on ground as clearly as possible.
  • Reach out to the respondents (clients and other relevant parties) and collect the survey data using convenient means and methods across all the 9 listed countries in Africa(refer to the TOR). The main languages used by our clients are English and French. In some instances, local languages may also be necessary means of communication.
  • Analyze the data as per agreed aspects and parameters and present the analysis in the format agreed with AfriCert.
  • Address any Queries and points of clarifications/ review comments regarding the customer survey from the AfriCert team to ensure the final report is well understood and accepted.
  • Maintain high level of confidentiality and impartiality in the whole customer survey exercise.
  • Strive to meet the agreed deliverables within the agreed timelines. For now, the timelines from the beginning to the initial report is four (4) weeks.

Please find the complete terms of reference for the customer survey exercise here

AfriCert now invites interested bidders who are able to demonstrate technical capability to undertake this assignment.

Interested bidders should provide:

  1. Detailed cover letter expressing interest in this assignment, including full contact details (name, Tel. E-mail), and physical address, signed by the applicant.
  2. Provide detailed CV, including telephone and e-mail contacts, post address and physical location for the person(s) proposed to do this assignment.
  3. Have proven professional training, knowledge and experience in conducting consumers survey with emphasis on the service industry.
  4. Please attach references from at least two (2) organizations you have provided similar service.
  5. Provide a competitive fee quote to perform the assignment with a clear breakdown of each cost and all the chargeable taxes.

Completed proposals must be submitted via e-mail to info@africertlimited.co.ke with the email subject: “Customer Satisfaction Survey” or be submitted in a plain sealed envelope, clearly marked “Customer Satisfaction Survey 2021” and delivered to our office at Plaza 2000 1st Floor, East wing, Mombasa road on or before 12th Of May 2021.

The submissions should be addressed per the address below and clearly marked:

AfriCert Limited
P.O Box 74696-00200

INVITATION FOR BIDS – Customer Satisfaction Survey 2021


Status: Closed